DAIMAN - Californie

Remotly with photograph

LINDA - Californie

Session Remotely By Camera

Karyn is a very gifted healer who knows how to get to the root of what is happening and transform it energetically while engaging you in your own healing process.

Her work is gentle and powerful, subtle and effective. She is one of those special healers who was born with a true gift.

PAULINE, Bordeaux

Office Session

After many questions and doubts, my curiosity took over and I let myself in a therapy session with Karyn.

It will be a lie to say that it is a normal massage that we are all used to, it is actually none of the traditional massage codes.

It is really surprising, even shocking. No physical contact needed, just her hands placed above your body that can react quite in a strange way sometimes.

Once I was lay down, eyes closed, magic happens !

It started with a rumbling stomach, then my eyelids were like shaking, as full of energy, electricity and then I get the really weird impression that my whole body was literally breaking up.

I wanted to open my eyes to make sure that I was in a correct position on the massage table but I wasn’t able to open them. All theses impressions decreased step by step along the session until the end of it.

I was then feeling so much relieved and peaceful. I cried a bit as well, I don’t know why as I wasn’t sad or else but maybe out of self control.

From now on, I sleep so much better, a relaxing, deep sleep where my energy is restored for the next day.

I guess to better feel the impact on the long term, I will definitely recommend to do it few more times. Many thanks to Karyn.

SAMANTHA - San Francisco

Session Remotely By Camera

It took me time to find the words to express the work of Karyn, even though my job is actually to find words. But I know why.

Here it’s not a question of words anymore, it’s a question of body and sensations.

Through a very stimulating chat and a surprising journey, she found her way to unblock my tensions, to open some doors inside me which were closed.

She reanimated me we could say. I felt so many things going on during the seance and afterward.

After the seance, I went through different sensations, and one of them was huge and heavy fatigue, but soft and cotton-like, and after this, I felt relieved and so much lighter, but also more centered and stronger.

Thanks a lot, Karyn."

THOMAS - Bordeaux

Office Session

It's been a few days since the treatment you gave me.

I felt the benefits immediately, and associated to a pleasant tingling and floating sensation. All in all, I'm feeling a most fascinating inner cleansing. I've regained immense space in my body and am vibrating at a higher level.

I'm mentally calm and happy, with a joyful heart and a more peaceful relationship with life.

Our exchange enabled me to create solutions to keep this state of being.

You're a fabulous energizer!

Ladies & Gentlemen, I invite you to take your place in Karyn's hands. You will come out better for a long time.

I feel gratitude for this sublime moment that has transformed my vision of life.

Thomās Zurcher

LUISA - Portugal

Session Remotely By Camera

I met Karyn when I made my first initiation to Reiki. At this time, I was looking at spiritual life like a little girl with a lot of questions in my mind.

Karyn was always there to support me as I navigated personal growth. Although I didn't always listen, she never gave up on me.

"I remember the day when you told me it was time for me to go it alone.

I felt lost like a little girl, but it was the best to do.

Now, I am sure you contribute to my spiritual elevation."

I am sure that some people we meet during our journey are keys to our growth. I have in mind teachings from you.

"All that you tell me is happening naturally."

"I am thankful for all learning with a beautiful soul like you, Karyn."